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How to port forward / set up router for streaming audio or video from cameras, microphones or network cameras

Welcome to our Network Cameras guide exploring in-depth the range of IP Cameras available from IP CCTV.

Find in-depth information about each camera range from the Elite h.264 network cameras range to the infamous Candy Bar Cam plug and play ip cam. View high resolution images, videos and review tutorials and how to tips to get the most out of your cameras.

Netowork cameras are CCTV cameras that contain an internal webserver that digitizes video and sends the video over computer networks. These cameras can exceed the resolution of standard analogue cameras and are often easier to install due to existing network infrastructures, easy wireless deployment and single cable systems. On small to medium CCTV installations this means a network surveillance system can be cheaper to deploy. Add to this the flexibility of distribution of data over local and remote sites, network cameras offer future proof surveillance as well as providing many benefits over older analogue based surveillance systems.

Network Cameras can also deliver additonal functionality by providing 2 way audio or on-board video analytics  to High Definition HD CCTV video proving that network surveillance technology can deliver increased performance in surveillance applications.

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